FUSED GLASS:  Introductory as well as advanced classes are available.  The first

            day of the introductory class uses mini kilns to "learn as you go" the theory

            behind fused glass.  This class is taught using Spectrum 96.  You will also be

            using dichroic glass in your projects.  By the end of this class you will have     

            made jewelry and / or embellishments for the 2 appetizer plates you will be

            making.  This class can be formatted for the individual or groups up to 10.

            The introductory class will include basic glass cutting instruction, so no prior

            experience is necessary.  The class fee is $150. per individual or $100. per 

            person for group classes. and lasts 2 days. Tools and glass for this

            introductory class will be provided.  Call or email for scheduling.


     STAINED GLASS:  In the introductory class you will make a panel approximately

            8" X 16."  You will learn all the basics necessary to launch you on to your

            stained glass project.  Fees:  $75 for instruction, $150 for the hand tool kit,

            approx. $25 for glass.   For your future projects, table rental ($20/day,

            includes use of the light box, grinders as well as my ear) is available for

            future projects, of if desired, grinders are available for sale.


            Other Fused and Stained Glass project classes are available.  Call or email 

            for scheduling.