Joyce Dwight - glass artist, wife, mom and animal lover. 


My interest in glass began with annual pilgrimages to the Corning Museum in Upstate New York, with my father, as well as monthly visits to NYC museums.  My love of glass has to do with it's kinetic appearance.  It's ever-changing appearance can't help but draw you in. 


I have had the privilege of receiving instruction for glass greats...Jessica Loughlin of Australia, Frantisek Janak of the Czech Republic, Patty Gray and Gil Reynolds of Oregon, Kent Lauer of California, Boyce Lundstrom, Brad Walker, Chad Holliday and the speakers and demonstrators at BECon.  I have traveled and read far and wide to satisfy my quest for more and more glass information. 


I first opened a store front in 2000.  Although changing locations, it has remain in the Houston, Texas vicinity.  I have recently relocated to Brookshire to be close to home.